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At Triple-S Compost, our first order of business is producing the highest-quality, recycled green-waste landscaping products to the industry. Whether you’re a small installer, a distributor or wholesaler, a landscape architect or designer, or an avid home garden enthusiast, it’s our privilege to supply premium soils, composts, mulches and custom blends to improve the look and health of your landscaping project.

Blog-10-Website.jpgBut another important aspect of our business is seeking creative, sustainable partnerships with businesses and industries to further our mission of diverting green waste from the landfill that amends and improves the products we produce. A key tenet of success as a green-waste recycler is working with enterprises in partnership to improve sustainability performance for both players, and make a difference for our planet while we do it.

Many businesses don’t realize the benefits of rethinking their waste streams, according to Triple-S Compost’s Grant Hileman. “Companies unknowingly throw away organic waste that can be handled more efficiently for the business,” Hileman said. “We can work with businesses of any size to see if there’s potential to save money or help reach sustainability goals by reconsidering the value of recycled organic waste.”

Does a waste stream have a beneficial reuse? That was the case with an area dairy distributor that was throwing away a small but valuable number of tea bags that we now use to improve our compost. Instead of landfilling more organic waste, Triple-S uses the tea bags to increase the nitrogen in our recycled products, and the dairy company benefits from reduced disposal costs and improved sustainability performance, a key metric at many corporate offices. The same can be done with coffee grounds and numerous nutrient-rich food wastes that many companies are sending directly to the landfill, Hileman added.

What about diversion potential? Triple-S helps businesses as well as municipalities and water districts with their sustainability challenges. As environmental issues and performance increase in importance for businesses and communities, many are seeking new ways to meet sustainability goals. 

One of our earliest diversion partners — and to date one of most successful partnerships —  is with Montgomery County (just north of Houston), which works hard to reduce its overall environmental footprint by diverting landfill waste and providing a valuable feedstock for our premium landscaping products.

Any organic waste has potential, including pulp and paper, food waste, and even water waste. In fact, Hileman said municipalities and utility districts are capitalizing on the new benefits of better wastewater management. New methods of cleaning ponds, lakes and waterways allow local governments, subdivisions and civic groups to improve sustainability goals by optimizing waste streams.

“Many city and utility district managers aren’t aware of the sustainability benefits that are possible with some of these new methods,” Hileman said. “We’re excited to be on the forefront of these new technologies that can drive operational and environmental performance for so many businesses and organizations.”

Partnering with Triple-S Compost

But with so many innovations and options in the industry, the possibilities might seem daunting. Our experts have decades of experience in green recycling, waste management services, sustainability and environmental solutions to help when you need advice. Give us a call today or stop by to see our impressive operations.


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